Real U Resiliency Training

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Lesson Description

Ready to get “LISTENING”?

Have you ever wondered about your listening skills? It’s sometimes easy that our thoughts drift away during a conversation and we are not fully present. That then often leaves us with low energy and awareness because we were so busy analyzing the situation rather then paying attention. So by strengthening our awareness, following sounds can increase our active listening skills. Supporting how we relate to others and ourselves.  This can be a great tool when kids are easily distracted or don’t listen. Sitting in a quite place and just being still and following the sounds. Practicing together is always encouraging for kids as we build partnership and support!

So, let’s get started!

Real U Tips

Tip 1

Quiet your mind and listen to the sounds around you!

Tip 2

When drifting away with your thoughts just gently come back and stay focused!

Tip 3

You can close your eyes for a more deep experience!

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