Real U Resiliency Training

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Lesson Description

Ready to get “MOVING”?

We all know how great it feels after doing a workout! We move our bodies and create a rhythmic flow of energy that allows us to be more balanced and just feel good about ourselves. This is also the case for kids. I’m sure you remember a day where you were stuck inside with your kids all day because of bad weather and it almost drove you and your kids insane. That’s why we created some fun and easy movements that you can do even on a day where you’d rather stay inside but still need to have a balanced and fun day!  

So, let’s get started!

Real U Tips

Tip 1

Even the smallest activities add up to create lasting benefits!

Tip 2

What’s your kids favorite activity, make it your go to plan!

Tip 3

Don’t be so strict and have fun!

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