Real U Resiliency Training

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Lesson Description

Ready to get “MAGICAL”?

Imagination is a vital part of our childhood! Do you remember how that felt? Maybe you had an imaginary friend or just played wildly in your dream world with your toys. Unfortunately when we grow up our imagination mostly disappears, which often results in unfulfilled dreams and aspirations. That’s why it’s another very important skill to keep alive in our kids so they can truly achieve anything they want and, if you practice with them, you as well!

So, let’s get started!

Real U Tips

Tip 1

Read daily with your kids (even 5 minutes!)

Tip 2

Tell stories or have your kids tell you a story in the car or when waiting for an appointment, that gives you a bonding opportunity and can make an otherwise boring situation more fun and fulfilling!

Tip 3

Create games where your kids can be creative, like looking at clouds and imagining them as animals or what treasure do they think is on the other side of a rainbow… just look out the window of your car and let your own imagination flow, you never know what magical experience you will have with your kids.

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