Real U Resiliency Training

Training Phase 2









Lesson Description

Ready to get “REAL”?

When we say nice things to ourselves we feel great! This is what we want to accomplish with our affirmations training. Sometimes we get stressed at school or have a fight with our best friend and this can really bring us down. When we then remember to be gentle with ourselves and don’t say hateful things, this is a true gift. It puts the whole situation in perspective and allows us to have fun, coming up with new ways how we can say great things about ourselves!

So, let’s get started!

Real U Tips

Tip 1

Create a list of attributes and post it on the fridge or in your kids room, so they always see it!

Tip 2

Create a game where you stop each other when giving in to bad self-talk!

Tip 3

Have a “silly-5-minutes” where you tell jokes or play funny!

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