Phase 1 Members Area


You have completed the introduction phase of our skill training! We are so delighted you are practicing with us! In order to solidify the learned skills, we recommend that you repeat the different skill videos on a daily basis to feel confident, happy and centered!

Training Phase 1 (Free Video Series): 

Intro Breathing      Why?    To bring focus and relaxation into every moment!

Intro Sounds         Why?    To strengthen our self-image and create more self-love!

Intro Moving          Why?    To be in the present moment by being an active listener!

Intro Seeing           Why?    To have flow and ease in our body!

Intro Feeling          Why?    To bring imagination and fun to life!

Ask yourself:

Which tools do you and your child love to practice together?

Repeat that strategy as many times as you want. REMEMBER: Practice makes perfect!

Choose a new tool when you have solidified that skill and start practicing the next one!

NEVER FORGET: Have FUN when you practice!!!


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Your Real U Team!