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  • Reach children around the world, to encourage greater awareness, focus, kindness, and compassion!
  • Teach children how to effectively manage stress, maintain focus, and make wise decisions!
  • Start and cultivate daily personal practice for greater emotional and mental well-being!
  • Engage children so they can learn healthy self-expression!
  • Provide tools so children can trust in their inner quiet wisdom and power!
  • Create conscious presence, words and actions to empower our next generation!


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Real U Approach:

Breathing creates an anchor to help us settle, focus, and balance the mind and body. Connecting with the breath allows us to access the nervous system’s relaxation response and to alleviate the stress that arises from the fight-flight-freeze response.

Body, Movement and Posture
Being aware of physical sensations in the body allows us to center and focus, release tension and stress, and develop greater insight into levels of fatigue, hunger and where stress is manifested in the body. Emphasizing the importance of how we sit and stand throughout the day, as posture impacts our emotions is key.

Improving emotional regulation and how to respond well during emotionally difficult situations begins with awareness of our mind. We start to notice, label, and get curious about our emotional states, as well as where emotions manifest in the body. Building resiliency allows us to lower stress chemicals in the body.

Stress is often derived from our thoughts about a situation, or the mind over-analyzing or replaying events in the past and future. Having awareness of our natural thinking mind, learning to recognize, accept, and be curious about where our minds naturally go.

Sounds and Senses
Becoming aware and gaining a deeper perspective of the environment around us, tuning into sounds, sights, smells and tastes. This has a deep impact on our nervous system and levels of calm and stress. Teaching that any potential distractions of sound or sight can actually be a place to focus and return to the present moment.

Gaining understanding of how our brain and nervous system works, allows us to choose and use the brains neuroplasticity to “rewire” new pathways and detach from old unwanted behaviors. Just one new conscious action sends signals to the brain and creates a shift. When practicing on a continuing basis, this newly found connection called synapses will grow stronger and stronger and stronger.

Think of it like a muscle in your body. You do an exercise once and the muscle has a slight change, almost not noticeable, however with practice your muscle grows stronger and stronger and you have a visible result. The same is the case with your brain, with constant and persistent care, your connections grow stronger and you can tune into the learned skills at any moment.