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EFT Tapping



Lesson Description

Ready to get “REAL”?

Have you ever noticed how many times you say “I” in a day? You’ll probably find that it’s quite often. Many of us grew up believing that being independent or self-sufficient was an honorable endeavor. Once we’re honest and become truly aware, it’s unveiled that we’re all connected. Our body and the community (we live in) serve as examples of this. When all the parts within your body don’t work together, we simply shut down. This same principal applies with the community you live in.

So, let’s get started!

Real U Tips

Pause for just one moment to recognize how connected you are to others. Comfort should arise in knowing that you don’t have to carry the entire load. Responsibilities should be distributed in accordance to each of our interests and skill-sets.  Being the best version of yourself, is the ultimate gift to both yourself and others.  What is your primary skill-set, and who’s helping you become the best version of yourself? 

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