There’s no debating that motherhood in and of itself, is hard and exhausting. Having to deal with a daily dose of defiance, frustration, tears, and rushing has become the norm. When and where will support arrive for this warrior we call Mom? How could she possibly give any more? Yet the craving for attention from children is non-stop and important.

Mommy! Daddy! Look at me!” This is part of every child’s journey from craving the attention of others to growing older and understanding their own self-worth. Infants are showered with love and affection and as they grow and develop, they become reliant on these affirmations. The different stages of childhood can eventually bring forth lower self-esteem, therefore needing just as much attention as when they were younger.

As time passes, parents may begin giving an inadequate amount of affirmations to their children, which can heighten the intensity of their essence. Let’s be honest, we probably don’t give ourselves affirmations the way it is. It’s extremely important for parents to aspire to provide children with a balance of humility, respect, morals, and a strong sense of self-worth. As parents, we may recognize this but, aren’t taking the actions our children deserve.

No, don’t, can’t, and stop, are words that all parents are required to feed their children.

Don Miguel Ruiz (Best Selling Author / The Four Agreements) states: “We have to domesticate our children if we don’t someone else will do it for us. And we won’t like it. We’re to give our children opportunities, so they’re prepared and long to become seekers of their own truth.”

The simple natural state we’re born from is to just “be”. No clutter, no overthinking, an innate knowing that your being is enough. Already the perfect and unique individual we were designed to be.

Make no mistake about it, stresses and challenges create the necessary growth required in the self-discovery process. Becoming aware of the facts is important for us though.

Studies have shown that by the time a child reaches the age of 18, they’ve heard (don’t do or don’t say) over 150,000 times, compared to less than 2,000 words associated with encouragement, self-worth, and belief. This ratio raises havoc on a child’s subconscious mind as they seek to mold their identity.

Living in this “busier the better” society along with our own personal battles leaves holes in our ability to serve our children. If we each personally reflect on what’s inhibited our personal journey to fulfillment, we’d probably find self-expression and self-worth staring right back at us.

– How many of us followed the path to money over the path to fulfillment?

– Chose a career to please a parent?

– Stuck to a job that made you downright miserable and unhappy?

If you navigated around these pitfalls towards fulfillment, Kudos to you! Sadly, a majority of us have spent some time in, or are still digging their way out of one of these ruts.

– When will we trust in our innate natural state?

– Why do we let our head win the argument over our heart?

– Why the flight or fight automatic response (is it still relevant in today’s culture)?

– Isn’t it our duty to help children break this vicious unproductive model?

The mindfulness movement is well underway, and Real U Inc. is excited to contribute. “Helping parents and teachers redirect the next generation towards a life of hope and fulfillment, lights me up.” Isabella Lambauer (Co-Founder of Real U Inc.)

Real U Inc. was birthed at a mastermind retreat in the Dominican Republic in April of 2018. Like-minded individuals emerged as one, with a concept destined to provide hope for the next generation!

The group submerged themselves within a world problem, one that’s been waiting quietly in the background to be tended to. The teachings of acceptance, self-worth, and the lost art of connecting seem to be screaming for our attention.

Does the next generation really have the ability and proper tools to navigate the massive changes that await them?

Real U Inc. has been taking steps in this direction. First by creating a safe and fun online environment, one designed to elevate a student’s self-esteem.  By utilizing a proven and effective peer-to-peer video method, they’re embedding self-worth messages into young minds.

Slightly older children are delivering Real U’s heartfelt trainings of inspiration, hope, and resiliency.  A membership web portal allows parents, teachers, and students easy access to the extensive video library they’ve been building.

Real U’s eleven-year old aspiring actress and (now teacher😊) Danica H., magnificently delivers their entertaining, engaging, and powerful messages to her four to ten-year old students.  “I’m so happy I could become a teacher now!  I love doing it, and that’s what I hope my students notice. Real U wants kids to have fun and start believing, and discovering what they truly love doing and being!”

Real U Inc. is just getting started, their expansion will begin leaning into games, applications, animation, and story time delivery methods.  It’s all about contributing to the momentum that’s begun.

“Collectively we’re aspiring to create a pattern interrupt that brings awareness to parents and teachers.  It’s our responsibility to become self-aware and also provide appropriate life navigation skills for children.”  Committing to this cause, will enable our children to break free of the pattern of carrying wounded and unconscious traits into their lives.”  Wade Bergner (Co-Founder Real U Inc.).

Everyone carries wounds and defenses that don’t serve their soul’s purpose. Healing and working through such patterns take a tremendous amount of courage and effort.  Despite the challenges, the need for healing and creative change should now become a priority.

Let’s find out what happens when we heal our own wounds and reprogram the generational beliefs and programs.  Our awareness and willingness to take action will change future generations.

You’re part of an amazing movement and we’re grateful that you’re here with us!  Start changing a child’s life TODAY!  Join us as we collectively empower the next generation!  CLICK THIS LINK for details.