Peer-to-peer Resiliency & MindFUNness Training for emotional agility

Real U is “Empowering the Next Generation” through our creative peer-to-peer resiliency and mindFUNness training, equipping children with a “Bully-proof Vest.”

Within our Skills Training and Superhero Video Series, we’re instilling self-worth messages and tools, designed to stick with our viewers. By creating engaging training videos, children are unknowingly tapping into the inner-workings of their true selves. Our approach will empower these future leaders, strengthening what they’ll find to be, REAL “Superhero” skills!

We feel a moral obligation to feed young minds with the foundational skills they need to become unstoppable. By providing the appropriate skills will change the trajectory of our next generation!

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Real U is a non-profit organization covered under Section 501(c)3 of the United States Internal Revenue Code