Peer-to-peer Resiliency & MindFUNness Training for Children

Real U is “Empowering the Next Generation” through our creative peer-to-peer resiliency and mindFUNness training, equipping children with a “Bully-proof Vest” and creating greater mental health and emotional well-being for children between the ages of 4-10.

With daily practice of our innovative peer-to-peer training, we are instilling self-worth messages and build a strong foundation. Helping children develop greater self-awareness, emotional regulation and agility and creating healthy mindfulness habits, comparable to brushing our teeth or wearing a seatbelt. As a recent Harvard study points out, “it is easier and less costly to form strong brain circuits during the early years than it is to intervene or ‘fix’ them later.”

Research suggests that if a generation of children grows up practicing mindfulness every day they would process trauma in healthier ways, have fewer mental health and substance disorders, would be creative and discerning in the face of conflict and would be compassionate towards one another.

With our peer-to-peer resiliency and mindFUNness training, we are starting this change NOW!

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